World War III Is on the Horizon

June 19, 2017 at 6:07 pm (Life & Politics)

Written June 19, 2017…

Because of America’s insistence on being in Syria illegally, and always sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong, and dictating what kind of government other countries are allowed to have (but God forbid if we think another nation has interfered in our own governmental affairs) – and now shooting down that Syrian plane – Russia, who actually was asked to be in Syria by a democratically elected government (not a “regime” like we insist on calling it) is telling us that they will shoot down one of our planes if we cross into their airspace, and has cut off communications with us. This is extremely dangerous news, and getting worse by the minute.

World War III is on the horizon, and we have nobody to blame but our own insane foreign policy and reckless actions. We are determined to continue our reprehensible imperialist agenda, and it will eventually be our downfall – and the world’s.

I live in a country that frankly scares the shit out of me, and whose foreign actions I am very much against. We are causing most of the terrorism that we claim to be fighting against, and we are, ourselves, acting like terrorists and bullies. And, though he will surely make matters worse, this cannot just be blamed on Trump. This lunatic agenda has been going on for decades. This would be happening just as much, if not worse, had Clinton become President (she repeatedly called for a no-fly zone which would have lead to all-out war with Russia), or if Pence were to take over – which just shows that neither party is interested in peace. They both bow down to the almighty, all-powerful Military Industrial Complex and its insane war-for-profit, empirical policies.

This is a situation that is not going to end well – for any of us.


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  1. Tobe Damit said,

    I totally agree 100%. How about try a foreign policy that would be more something like : ”Live and Let Live”

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