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July 21, 2018

Hello folks,

I’m a few days late, but on July 18th, it was the 10th anniversary of The Beat Patrol. I can’t believe that much time has flown by. I thank everyone for continuing to visit this site on a daily basis. There have been over 1.2 million views in total, and thousands of posts over the years. Music, poetry, literature, politics, and so on — I have tried to cover it all. That was my original plan, and it still is to this day. I hope that in ten years time, I will still be here doing this site and I hope all of you will still following it. It has been a wild ride so far. Thanks and take care.

The Beat Patroller

Aug. 17, 2014

Hello Beat Patrol readers,

I realized just now that some time over the past week, The Beat Patrol, which I started back in July 2008 without high hopes, and simply with a love of music, films and literature, has finally reached 1,000,000 hits. I want to humbly thank all of you for coming on this site — some of you on a regular basis — and browsing around, and sometimes leaving comments. I have even had a few positive comments from the authors of some of the magazine articles I have posted, which was amazing. Only one writer, who shall go nameless, came on here and threatened legal action, forcing me to remove hundreds of posts (which definitely affected the daily total of viewers from that point on). But you can’t please everyone, and there wasn’t much I could do about it. As I have said before, I make no money off of this site — it is just simply for the love of it. Anyhow, thank you again for coming on here, and for allowing The Beat Patrol to reach one million hits. I am truly amazed by that. Take care friends.

The Beat Patroller

Nov. 3, 2012

Hello everyone,

I haven’t talked in a while. I just want to remind everyone to get out and vote this Tuesday. This could be one of the most critical elections this country has seen in decades. I will definitely be voting for Obama. I think he’s done a mostly good job in turning around the economy after the catastrophe the previous administration left it in. He also captured bin Laden, rescued the auto industry, brought jobs back (slowly but surely), ended the war in Iraq, and, most recently, did an excellent job in dealing with the devastating Hurricane Sandy (my heart goes out to all those who lost their homes, possessions and businesses). Also, I will be voting for Obama because I believe Romney is the worst candidate the Republicans have ever put forth. The man is a total phony with absolutely no integrity. He will say anything to get elected and has a different set of lies for every group of people he meets. The man is also very secretive about his tax returns (definitely something illegal to hide there, I’m sure) and he changes his position on every issue from hour to hour. I think he would be the worst thing that could possibly happen to this country. But enough of my pontificating. I just hope everyone has a chance to vote. Take care.

The Beat Patroller

Feb. 29, 2012

Dear folks,

Today The Beat Patrol passed 750,000 hits thanks to all of you. I would have never guessed back in August of 2008, when I started this site, that it would someday reach 3/4’s of a million viewers. I began the site not really knowing what to expect, but only that I wanted to post as many interesting items as I could and hoped that there might be other people out there that might also find them as interesting as I did.
This has been a labor of love for almost 4 years now. Thanks to all of you for continuing to view the site and leave kind comments. I appreciate it. Take care and I hope your 2012 is going well.

The Beat Patroller 

May 16, 2011

Hey there,

I’m just letting everybody know that the now-defunct Never Get Out of the Boat website, which has run into many problems over the past year due to being repeatedly kicked off the internet airwaves, has been reborn once again. It now goes by the name of Willard’s Wormholes and I have put a new link to it under my blogroll. Willard, the creator of the site, has done a fine, tireless job of posting hard-to-find music, much of it excellent.
Keep fighting Willard. Don’t let the bastards grind you down…

The Beat Patroller  

Feb. 3, 2011

Hey folks,

Well, I was forced to remove more articles from this site (200+ in total), and I just want to take the time to, again, apologize for this situation. If you no longer see an article that you liked on here, please know that it was not my decision to remove it. I have to abide by copywright laws.
I started this site  2 1/2 years ago as a way to showcase great music writers from the past and present, among other things, and I have strived to keep that up during that time. Now, though, there is less reason to keep contributing to this site. My heart is no longer in it like before. I will still post things from time to time, but, since my hands are tied, it will be less and less frequently.
It kills me to no longer be able to have writers like Lester Bangs, Greil Marcus, Paul Williams, Dave Marsh, etc. posted here. They’ll have to be found elsewhere on the internet. Anyhow, sorry again.

The Beat Patroller

Jan. 27, 2011

Hi folks,

I regretfully have to let my dedicated site followers know that I am being forced to remove over 100 articles off The Beat Patrol (maybe more), including some of the most popular ones (such as “Yoko Ono Reconsidered”) and some of my personal favorites. Unfortunately, I was told to remove all articles by Lester Bangs, Dave Marsh, Greil Marcus and a few other big name writers, despite the fact that some of those articles can probably be found on other blogsites, as well.
It was never my intention, though, to cause problems, as far as copyrights and such. I have gotten comments on this page for over two years by some of the authors posted, who have told me they loved seeing their work on this site, and to use anything I wanted, with their permission. Anyone who doesn’t want their work published here, though, I will gladly remove.
I am not sure if more articles will have to be taken off of here, but I imagine so. Anyhow, I do apologize to my viewers — please know this is not my choice or decision, but I respect the complaints made against me, and will honor them to the best of my ability.

The Beat Patroller  

Dec. 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah and Happy New Year to all my readers out there! Have a safe and happy holiday! See ya in the new year…

The Beat Patroller

Dec. 8, 2010

Dear folks,

It’s been a long while, but I’m happy to report that The Beat Patrol recently went over 500,000 hits. I never dreamed when I started this site that it would get so much traffic. I just try to put interesting things on here and hope people check it out. It’s getting harder to find interesting stuff, though, but I’ll keep searching.
I hope everyone has a good holiday season and spends it with friends and family. Be happy — be safe. Thanks for stopping by.

The Beat Patroller

July 22, 2010

Hey folks,

Due to my obviously fading memory, it just dawned on me that 4 days ago (July 18th) was the second anniversary of The Beat Patrol. In that time, hundreds of thousands of people have stopped by (some many times) to read/watch many of the videos, reviews, poems and articles I have posted on here, sometimes leaving comments — sometimes by the writer themselves (which is always nice).
I have been a bit lax in posting new stuff lately, but I hope to keep running this site as long as people come on here, and like what they see.
Thanks everyone and take care.

The Beat Patroller   

April 10, 2010

Hey folks,

Hope everyone is doing well. Or trying to in this crazy world we live in, circa 2010, that just keeps on getting crazier. As always, thanks for all the comments, and thanks for continuing to stop by.
I just put a blogroll link to a relatively new blogsite, called Franorama World, which is run by Fran Fried, whose album reviews and articles for the Waterbury Republican were a huge source of entertainment and inspiration for me as a teenager. I have posted quite a few of Fried’s old reviews on this site. Please check out Franorama World when you get the chance. It’s a great site.

The Beat Patroller

Jan. 24, 2010

Hey folks,

Just wanted to say The Beat Patrol just passed the quarter million mark in viewer hits. Unbelievable! With that and the well-over 500 comments that have been left on this site, it makes me feel good to know that people are coming round to visit, sometimes multiple times. Some people love the posts I have on here, some have disliked certain things, and some writers have complained about articles of theirs that I posted, but it’s all good. Hope all of you keep coming back and finding something that you like. And keep leaving those comments.
I just wanted to also take a second and comment on the Supreme Court’s recent decision to give the special interest lobbyists and sleazy corporations even more power than they had before in deciding what goes on in our country. That is absolutely despicable! My most recent posting, the president’s weekly address from yesterday (https://beatpatrol.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/president-obamas-weekly-address-jan-23-2010/), deals with this issue. We need to, as Americans, take back our country from all these special interest groups who clearly only care about having more power and lining their own greedy pockets with more & more money, and all at the expense of us everyday Americans. It’s sickening, and it’s time it stopped!

The Beat Patroller

Dec. 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another rough year for everyone is almost over. Hoping 2010 will be much better for all of us. Have a good holiday season and see y’all in the new year. Take care and be safe.

The Beat Patroller

Nov. 10, 2009

Hey folks,

It’s been awhile. Hope everyone is doing well. Just went over 200,000 hits on this site and over 2,000 postings, plus about 500 comments have been left on here. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone.
The holiday season is almost upon us and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!
The Beat Patrol…still going strong…

The Beat Patroller

July 28, 2009

Hi folks,

I just realized that I completely forgot the fact that last week was the one-year anniversary of this site. It came and went without me taking notice. Anyhow,  I can’t believe a whole year has passed already. And almost 2,000 postings later and several hundred comments that all of you have left here, I just want to say thank you.
Hope to be here in another year, and I hope to keep finding interesting videos, articles, poems, and personal writings on here over that time.
Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer…

The Beat Patroller

July 2, 2009


A few things. First off, this site just went over 125,000 hits. Amazing. In a couple of weeks it will be our one year anniversary. Definitely went by fast. Thanks to everyone for continuing to stop by. Some postings have done consistently well, like the Jim Morrison posting of his “Wilderness” poems. Some postings haven’t done as well as would have been expected. So ya never know. My philosophy is to throw as much out there and see what sticks. So I’ll continue to put up things that fascinate us for one reason or another.
Independence Day is soon upon us once again. Hope everyone has a safe, happy holiday. Peace.

The Beat Patroller

May 25, 2009

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day! Let us not forget all the men & women who have fought & died for our country over the years, and all the troops fighting right now around the world, whether you support this war or not.
I, personally, want to give thanks to both of my grandfathers who proudly served their country during WWII and risked their lives, and also my father, who was in the military but narrowly escaped being sent to Vietnam.
Without all the brave soldiers this country has produced, we wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms that we have. Let us never forget that.

The Beat Patroller

April 18, 2009

Hey everyone,

Looks like my site went over 100,000 hits last night. I can’t believe it. I want to thank everyone who has been stopping by the past 9 months and leaving comments. It’s much appreciated. Hope to keep posting more cool items as time goes on. Again, thanks to all of you.

The Beat Patroller

Feb. 24, 2009

Hey people,

My site went over 75,000 hits today. Thanks for visiting and leaving me comments.  If there are any requests out there, please let me know. I might just put them on here.
Hope everyone is doing well so far this year, despite the bad economy & such. Anyhow, thanks again.

The Beat Patroller

Jan. 29, 2009

Hey there,

I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl this weekend. Me, being the lifelong Cowboys fan that I am, I certainly have to root against the Steelers (for obvious reasons). Go Kurt Warner!
Also, speaking of the Super Bowl, please check out this article (written by a good friend of mine), which I posted today –  https://beatpatrol.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/joseph-devassy-ballad-of-the-black-field-goal-kicker-2009/

I hope, despite the bad economy and lack of jobs, everyone is having a good new year so far. Peace.

The Beat Patroller

Dec. 31, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone!

Let’s hope and pray that 2009 is much better than 2008 was. It’s got to get better – right? Then again, it’s probably inevitable that it will get worse before it starts getting better. That’s just being realistic at the way the economy is going…
I’m in the middle of fighting off a very nasty trojan virus that is wreaking havoc upon my computer (and my life). Might be looking at a complete reformat. Ugghhh…
I hope everyone has a safe & happy New Year!! See ya in 2009…

The Beat Patroller

Dec. 21, 2008

Hey everyone,

Just went over 50,000 hits on my site, as of last night. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. I’ll probably be putting some more entires on today, being that I’m snowed in. I truly hate this weather…
Hope you all have a safe & happy holiday season. And let’s pray this coming year is much better for everyone. These are extremely difficult times we are living in, what with the economy in the toilet, the job market in horrible shape, an endless war and us having to bail out all these greedy bigwigs who continue to screw up companies and then expect the taxpayers to come to their rescue (only so they can then make the same mistakes)…but let us not give up hope. Things will get better. It’s gonna take time though. Let’s hope Obama does well…
Anyhow, enjoy your friends & family during this holiday season. God bless…

The Beat Patroller

Nov. 26, 2008

Hey everybody,

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday and the following three days off (assuming you don’t have to work on Friday). Stay safe and try not to get into too many family dinner squabbles…

The Beat Patroller

Nov. 4, 2008

Hey folks,

Don’t forget to get out there today and vote!! Let’s hope this turns out well and the right man gets into office. We cannot afford for the wrong person to win. It should be an interesting day…
Not much else to report. Again, thank you for all the comments over the last few months. Have a great week…

The Beat Patroller

Oct. 21, 2008

Hi folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I realized last night that quite a few of the videos on my site are not playing if you click on them (once). They say they are no longer available. So I am doing some maintenance on the site and found out something…
Most of the time, you only need to click on to a video once for it to start playing. In some instances though, if you just double click on the video, it will take you to the source of the video (in most cases, Youtube), where it will start playing fine (even though it says it’s not availabe on my site). It will bring the video up in another window. I am trying to list which videos you need to double click on. So the point is, if you single click on a video and it says it’s no longer available, try double clicking on it. More than likely it will play, but only on the Youtube site itself. Why it is doing that is beyond me, and I know it’s a pain. Sorry about that.
Also, several videos I had to unfortunately remove because the source video is no longer available (this includes quite a few Elvis videos and King Crimson). If I find another version down the line, I will add it back again. I apologize for this, but it’s completely out of my hands.
If you are having trouble playing any videos on here, please leave me a comment letting me know. Thanks.

The Beat Patroller

Oct. 6, 2008

Hey everyone,

Just a couple of things. I just went over 25,000 hits on my site a few minutes ago. Pretty cool.
Also, with about a month to go until election time, don’t forget to register to vote. I’m not the type to tell anyone who to vote for, but I definitely think we need a major change from the way this country has been run the past 8 years. This could be one of the most defining elections in the history of our country.
Anyhow, thanks for visiting. Have a good week.

The Beat Patroller

Sept. 19, 2008

Hey everyone,

As of today, the site has registered over 20.000 hits since July 19th – so in otherwords, exactly two months. This past week saw the total double thanks to another site linking a few postings I had on here. I’m definitely excited about that.
I’m still trying to find as much interesting stuff as I possibly can. So definitely keep checking in. And keep the comments coming. They are appreciated.
Have a great weekend everyone.

The Beat Patroller

Sept. 10, 2008

Hey folks,

I just want to say that sometime while I was sleeping and dreaming up more stuff to put on this site, my total number of hits on here went past the 10,000 mark due to one incredibly popular posting that got linked to another page (Expecting Grain – look for the link under “blogroll”).
I only started this site less than two months ago and never dreamed it would be doing this well this soon.  I started doing it more for my own enjoyment than anything. Now it just keeps growing.
Anyhow, I just want to thank all those people for checking out my site. Keep the comments coming and keep stopping by. Remember, music is the universal language.

The Beat Patroller

Sept. 3, 2008

Hey out there,

Just wanted to say that I am up to almost 1,000 postings on this site (over the first month and a half), and have had well over 6,000 hits so far. So thank you to all those who have stopped by to take a look around. I am adding new stuff everyday – live videos, promo clips, poems, music articles, reviews, etc. So hopefully anyone who comes on there will find something to their liking.
I know some people who have told me they could easily spend a few days on here getting lost. And I know some who come on here pretty regularly. Again, I definitely appreciate it. I do this out of love – not for money (although that would be nice…) – so if I know people are enjoying this site, then it makes it worth it to keep going.
I have over 50 categories (for the items that have the most postings) but if you don’t see what you are looking for and don’t feel like spending 3 hours trying to find it, just type in what you are looking for under “search” – chances are I might have something by that person or artist. And if not, check back every week – I may have just not gotten around to posting something yet. There is really no rhyme or reason to what I have put on here so far – just anything that catches my eye, or any artist that I love and want to turn on to other people out there who may not know of them. Also, I have had a few requests. So if you request something and I myself like it, I will definitely put it on, if I can find it.
Keep the comments coming and keep coming back…

The Beat Patroller

Aug. 26, 2008

Hey folks,

I have recently been adding many reviews & articles by some of my favorite music writers – Lester Bangs, David Fricke, Greil Marcus, Paul Williams, Dave Marsh, etc. They were written over the past 40 years and are some of the most well-written reviews I have read over the years. I have been devouring music magazines like Rolling Stone, Creem, Crawdaddy!, Musician, Circus and Hit Parader since I was about 13 years old. I think these guys are the best at what they do. And even on occasion, when I haven’t agreed with them on a particular artist or album, I still have always respected their thoughts on the subject. They are writers who truly love music and have always approached the art form with respect and integrity. Whenever I have written about music, I have tried to approach it with the same respect and passion.
I hope that none of these writers (or their estates) will mind me reprinting some of their old articles. These writings deserve to be read again – not hidden away in old magazine issues in dusty attics.
I have also included two categories devoted to psychedelic and 60s-styled garage rock music. Many well-known, as well as extremely obscure bands, who made some great recordings way back when. So we turn the time machine as far back as 1965. Enjoy!
I will also soon be adding categories on Jazz (bebop, fusion, etc) and electronica (techno, drum & bass, jungle, etc).  All of these will be audio only. Be on the lookout.

The Beat Patroller

Aug. 17, 2008

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, as some of you may know, was the 31st anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. Elvis was probably the first singer I started listening to (around the age of 6 or 7). His greatest hits album Elvis’ Golden Records was what caused me to become a lifelong fan of his. Anyhow, may his music live on forever.
Please be sure to check out some of my videos and writings on the man. I will also be including some new video material on the site in the days to come.
Also, thanks to my friend Joe (who is half Indian), I was informed that the other day was the 61st anniversary of the day India won their independence from England, due to the tireless efforts of the great Mahatma Gandhi. I have included some pieces of music by master sitar player Ravi Shankar in tribute to that hard-won independence. India has a long, rich culture of music and I encourage everyone out there to check it out.

The Beat Patroller

Aug. 8, 2008

Fellow music lovers,

I have decided to start another new category, this time devoted to Jamaican music from the last 45 years – ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, etc. It will be similar to my funk category (see below). Studio-only recordings – some classics, as well as some obscurities. And again, audio only.
For all of you who are unfamiliar with ska and rocksteady, they are antecedents of reggae. There are music historians who could explain the styles far better than I could but the basic idea is that ska was the first popular Jamaican music. It was big in the early to mid-60s and synthesized American R&B, jump blues, Jamaican mento, calypso and other Caribbean styles and big-band swing. Of those, the first three — R&B, jump blues, and mento — were the most important building blocks. It was a fast, rhythmic style of music – lots of trombones & trumpets, set to a punchy beat. Prince Buster and the Skatalites were two of its biggest stars. In England, it was also known as bluebeat because many of the early ska singles came out on the Blue Beat record label.
Ska’s popularity declined in 1966, when the slower, cooler rocksteady style found favor with younger listeners during the particularly hot summer. In its simplest terms, rocksteady is half-speed ska with the trombone replaced by piano and prominent bass. The lyrics are more socially and politically conscious, and there is a greater focus on harmonies. Rocksteady then mutated into reggae around 1968. Musically, bass patterns became more complex and increasingly dominated the arrangements and the piano gave way to the electric organ in the mix. Other developments included horns fading farther into the background; a scratchier, more percussive rhythm guitar; the addition of African-style hand drumming, and a more precise and intricate drumming style. Also, the lyrics began reflecting more Rastafarian religous beliefs.
Reggae has many off-shoots: roots, dancehall, lovers rock, nyahbinghi and dub, which is a form of music which evolved out of reggae in the late 1960s. The dub sound consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings and is achieved by significantly manipulating and reshaping the recordings, usually by removing the vocals from an existing music piece, emphasizing the drum and bass frequencies or ‘riddim’, adding extensive echo and reverb effects, and dubbing occasional snippets of lyrics from the original version.
I plan on including many songs from all of these styles in the upcoming months. Enjoy.

The Beat Patroller

Aug. 5, 2008

Hey fellow beat travellers,

I have decided to start a whole new category on here, that will be devoted solely to 70s funk music (with some other decades thrown in). It will be the original studio recordings and be audio-only (any live videos will just appear under the main “music video” category) and will consist of mostly obscure treasures. I’m finding a world of unknown gems out there & want to share them with you. Let me know if you have any requests or if you find something you want to share with me.
For all of you who are not familiar with the style, funk was indeed the rawest, most primal form of R&B, surpassing even Southern soul in terms of earthiness. It was also the least structured, often stretching out into extended jams, and the most Africanized, built on dynamic, highly syncopated polyrhythms. The groove was the most important musical element of funk — all the instruments of the ensemble played off of one another to create it, and worked it over and over. Deep electric bass lines often served as main riffs, with an interlocking web of short, scratchy guitar chords and blaring horns over the top. James Brown has been considered the man who basically invented and popularized the form in the late 60s.
By the mid-70s, funk started to get watered down into disco music (with strings added) – but it still continues to be a popular form to this day.
There is so much great funk that exists out there, that has yet to be discovered. Can you dig it?

The Beat Patroller

July 31, 2008

Hey folks,

I have recently added tons of video content to my site. Beat-related, music-related, etc. I plan on adding more in the days to come. I am trying to organize it in a way that will be easily accessible for everyone (the artists, poets & singers that have multiple videos on here, I have put them under their own subcategories for easier access). If you randomly browse through the site though, you will find many different types of music videos (rock, jazz, r’n’b, avant-garde, etc). I am a musical connoisseur & will listen to just about anything (there are only 2 kinds of music – good and bad). This site is for those of you out there who are of like mind.  If you have any suggestions or if you find any errors, please let me know. Thanks for browsing.

The Beat Patroller

July 18, 2008

Hi folks,

I am new to WordPress. I am just getting into the exciting world of web design and I intend on using this blog site to mostly discuss music and literature, but also politics and any other number of topics that should strike my particular fancy, as well as a place to “publish” my poetry. I plan on adding new posts, pictures, video content, etc as I go along.
I am and always have been a “music freak.” I am interested in every type of music from just about any decade (rock, jazz, blues, soul, reggae, etc). I own several thousand albums and have about 14,000 songs downloaded in my music library. I pride myself on knowing every useless trivial fact about hundreds of artists & groups. If you have any musical trivia questions that need answering, I would be glad to be of service. I might as well put this “knowledge” to use. As well as music, I have also had a serious interest in all types of Beat literature over the years. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, etc.  I encourage anyone out there to explore the world of the Beats.
Also, I am interested in possibly pursuing a career in web design (still in the learning stage), so please let me know if you have any suggestions on enhancing this site. I am sure someday I will look back on this simple effort and laugh. But we all have to start somewhere.
Thanks for visiting,

The Beat Patroller

NOTE: I make no money off of this site – it is purely for the love of it.


  1. Manzel said,

    Thanks for recognizing our music. Please know that more Manzel is on the way. We are indeed honored to be mentioned in Beatpatrol. Keep up the good work.

  2. Butch Jones said,

    Lester Bangs, David Fricke, Greil Marcus, Paul Williams, Dave Marsh – these were the rock and roll critics that defined a generation. What do we have now? Can you name one single rock critic that stands out? Exactly! Keep up the great work and please please visit my blog and keep in touc.

  3. Jeff Poniewaz said,

    Just discovered your Beat-nexus website. I urge you to check out the website of Antler: http://www.antlerpoet.net. Antler’s the younger generation poet who was most championed by Allen Ginsberg. His powerful epic poem “Factory” was published as #38 in the City Lights Pocket Poet series in 1980. His 1986 book “Last Words” is still available from Ballantine. His Selected Poems is out of print, but a New & Selected is forthcoming. The Beats have alas been passing on. The consolation is that they’ve passed on the torch to a new generation of poets who deserve to be better known and more widely read. These poets should be making the rounds during our current crisis times the way Allen G. and Gary Snyder were making the rounds during their crisis times, disseminating their information and inspiration.

  4. Michael Rothenberg said,

    Hello Beat Patrol, Check out ROCKPILE AT http://www.bigbridge.org/rockpile/. In October and November David Meltzer and I will be on a 7 week road trip traveling around the country performing with local musicians at 8 cities. Schedule of events can be found at the ROCKPILE Blog. We will be keep journals of the trip, performing from the journals and documenting our travels. We look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. Please spread the word about ROCKPILE. Best, Michael Rothenberg

  5. stereogram22 said,

    great site.

  6. lauriadverb said,


    ya got sooo much stuff on here, at this point, i hardly know where to go!

    …this is amazing…almost up to 125,000…

    shit, i’ll bet at this point ya could get some ad revenue if ya try:)

    just had to give a shout-out to a truly amazing site…


  7. lauriadverb said,

    so honored to have my very own category in “The Beat Patrol”! Just wanna let’chya know, i do still have ONE of my blogs a’runnin’…there’s a link to it on the side of yer page, it’s “Poetry Like Fucking”…and I look forward to much in the way of further contributions to yr kick-ass blog!

    –lauri adverb.

  8. PF Bearman said,

    Hello Beat Patroller,

    Why not take a stab at reviewing some vaguely trad-American music? We’re a widely touring and bizarre band, combing Bill Monroe and Gid Tanner with Frank Zappa. Please check us out, would love to send you a CD.

    PF Bearman

  9. Chris Federico said,

    I’m very, very flattered that you would include my section on the Money album on your impressive website. Someone wrote to me and pointed this out. I’m happy to have found a new source of late-night reading! Your site is incredibly well-done.

    Your paste is from an older version of Zappology, which I’m a bit embarrassed about, as it contains a few factual errors (and some terrible wording). So…

    I’m not sure if this is the only “review” from my Zappa page on your website, but is it troublesome to ask that you replace it with the newer version? I hope that’s not inconvenient. The “book” is worded so much better in its final version, it’s actually shorter — at least it would save a bit of your space!

    (See URL in field above)

    Thanks again for including my prose. Again, I’m flattered.


    • jmucci said,

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for the kind comments about the site. And I’m glad you were pleased to see your articles on here. I replaced them with the newer versions, like you asked – please check to make sure they are the correct ones. I want to make sure they are the way you want them. I have included the chapters on Money, Lather and Zoot Allures. I may use a few more down the line. Enjoyed your writing immensely. Have you written anything else?

  10. Chris Federico said,


    Looks perfect! I hope it wasn’t an annoying chore to do that. I sure appreciate it; given the quality of the typical writing on your website, I just wanted mine to be as readable as possible. Again, thanks for taking the time to do that.

    I don’t have anything else ready for reading that hasn’t been published, at least in the area of music; but I’ve been reading a lot of items on this site every night since I first encountered it, and it’s inspiring me to finish up a few things (some on the Beatles, others on Jethro Tull, a “pep talk” that includes self-liberating strategies, for composers and songwriters — etc.). Whether or not they’ll be appealing to you, regarding inclusion on the site, will remain to be seen.

    For now, of course, you’re free to use anything else from Zappology that you find useful in the future. Write and let me know if I can ever be of any help with the site, transcription, etc. I believe in what you’re doing a great deal. Literacy rocks! (Now there’s a cheesy comment for an after-school advertisement. Maybe I should be writing for MTV…..a fate worse than death, perhaps.)

    Thanks again!


    P.S. Possibly of interest: A 1968 essay by Zappa on the ludicrous racism surrounding rock’s initial popularity:

    • jmucci said,

      Hey Chris,

      It was no trouble at all. I was glad to do it. Anytime something is not the way it should be on here, I try to fix it. And if I include someone’s article and they contact me about it (like you did) and inform me of any errors I may have included, I definitely want to fix that. It’s the least I can do, if I’m going to post something of theirs. Thanks for the use of your writings. And I would love to read anything else you write in the future, and possibly include it on here. As you can see, this site includes a little of everything – music articles, poems, videos…whatever catches my eye. Plus, writings by people I know. It may be a bit haphazard…but then, that’s life isn’t it? I have very eclectic tastes, as you can tell, and want the site to reflect that. Anyhow, thanks for the very kind comments. And I will be sure to check out that Zappa essay.

  11. reisha rannaya said,

    wow its my pleasure to read all Jimmo poems on this site. thaanks! 🙂

  12. Rachel-erika said,

    THE BEAT GENERATION ‘Poetry for the soul’

    Burning fire, red tongues licking
    Crackling heat, crimson flicking
    Earth, dust and ashes form a pyre
    flames of forgiveness growing higher
    I sit, I scream, I cry and I shout
    Every tear I shed won’t put this fire out
    You have gone, somewhere else you dwell
    Pile of burning cinders, nothing but a shell
    Feel the peaceful spirit birds and trees
    Nature seems to calm me, sudden breeze
    then I stop, think and I start to smile
    Cosmic meeting was all worth while
    I lay here hours till break of dawn
    Comforted white widow, silent morn
    Love is strong, our spirits will greet
    different time and place, again we’ll meet
    True love, your beauty rare thing to find
    close my eyes you’re inside my mind
    burning fire, red tongues flicking
    Crackling heat, crimson flicking
    Gone is the pain, as I bathe in glory
    For having you dear, in my life story

  13. ReadersHeaven said,

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  14. Pete said,

    Any reason there are not nearly as many posts each month as their used to be?

    • jmucci said,

      I’ve just been busier lately…and probably a bit laziness on my part, as well.

  15. Salmon Dave said,

    …put me on the patrol…

  16. Pete said,

    life is so boring without constant poetry quotes

  17. jbart900 said,

    what happened to Never Get Out Of The Boat!?

    • jmucci said,

      It’s up again….check the link on my page…over to the right.

    • jmucci said,

      Looks like the new version of the Never Get Out of the Boat site got shut down again… they were up & running earlier today when I checked. Must have just happened. Not sure if they will be up again.

  18. Barney Hoskyns said,

    Dear Mr. Patroller,

    I am sorry to have to do this publicly on your home page, but I can see no other way of reaching you.

    You must immediately Cease and Desist posting pieces from the Rock’s Backpages website and by Rock’s Backpages contributors. This includes all pieces by the likes of Greil Marcus, Dave Marsh, Nick Kent, Mark Kemp, Ira Robbins, Harvey Kubernik, the late Lester Bangs and the late Ian MacDonald et al. You know who they are because you know where the pieces came from.

    It is quite irrelevant that you “make no money” from your site and do it “purely for the love of it”. These are all copyright pieces that you have no right to publish – they are part of the livelihood of the writers, who earn from Rock’s Backpages through subscription and syndication revenue.

    If you do not remove all pieces by RBP contributors within two weeks, we will be obliged to take legal action against you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Barney Hoskyns

    • jmucci said,


      I am very sorry. I did not mean to cause any problems. I will gladly take them off. Many pieces I did not get from your site though. Some pieces I have found in many places on the internet, not just on yours. Some I have taken from my own issues of magazines that I have had for 25 years. Anyhow, I will try to remove them all, but please let me know if I have missed anything. There are many things that I no longer remember where I got them from.

  19. peter josehph kahn said,

    its a damn shame that you wont be posting here anymore or as much anymore. i look here everyday for what you have posted. dont give it up

    • jmucci said,

      Thanks for the kind words…I definitely appreciate them. I will definitely continue.

  20. Stephen Loomes said,

    Hi Beat Patroller,
    This site is your masterpiece. This is the Shakespearean equivalent of the early folios. Don’t lose heart or be discouraged by lawyers sniping away with threats and injunctions, just smile sweetly and compy with their threats; there remains a treasure trove here for those of us who take the trouble to look. Later, when their copyright sluice of money expires, those writings can slip right on back in. So keep going, and thanks.

    Stephen Loomes

    • jmucci said,

      Thanks for the kind words… much appreciated.

  21. jmucci said,

    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  22. Colon. O. Scoppy said,

    Another anagram for Barney Hoskyns is ” Herb Nosy Sneak”

  23. Alexis Mcwilliams said,

    I simply want to say I am just newbie to blogs and truly liked your website. Probably I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You amazingly have very good well written articles. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your website page.

    • jmucci said,

      Thanks for the positive comment.

  24. Fatima Javed said,

    hey this is something awesome , i mean music and literature ! are u guys not on facebook ?

  25. jlwilletts said,

    Hi, May I have your contact details to get in touch re: reviews?



    • jmucci said,

      The best way to reach me is on here.

  26. jlwilletts said,


    longshot – would you consider reviewing my poetry ebook?

    It is directly influenced by the ‘Beats’ and you clearly know your stuff on this.

    Here is the link – http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/213420

    please get in touch for details if you are interested.

    Keep up the great writing!



  27. Diabolical Asian™ (Sally boy) said,


    Just wanted to say this blog is awesome and I really admire what you’ve been doing here. You clearly have a passion for the Beats, and the music you post is all great.

    Also, I run a WordPress site myself. It’s a poetry and art zine. Mostly surrealist, but it publishes all kinds of avant-garde-ish content. Was thinking maybe you’d be interested in it? I’ve been looking for content a lot lately, to no avail.
    Here’s the link if you want to check it out: https://radiumpianoband.wordpress.com/

    Peace out!

    • jmucci said,

      Just saw this comment… thanks for the positive words. I deeply appreciate it. I will check out your site.

  28. diespringerin said,

    wonderful that I found your blog by chance …. !

  29. dizzie11 said,

    Any chance you have an image or PDF of the article referenced at the below link?

    • jmucci said,

      Unfortunately I don’t.

      • dizzie11 said,

        No sweat!

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