R. Stevie Moore & Jason Faulkner – “I H8 People” (2015)

November 7, 2017 at 1:43 pm (Music)


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Caitlin Johnstone – “Utopia Preppers”

November 6, 2017 at 9:32 am (Caitlin Johnstone, Poetry & Literature)

We hide in clockwork palaces
where the squawking screens can’t find us
and plant flowers in shoes
that we found in the gutter
by the light of a jealous moon.

We do not sing about the end of days.
The end of days is for the dead.
While they bore the bone puppets
with their funeral dirges,
we have unprotected sex on top of skyscrapers
and get pregnant with woodwind virtuosos.
We paint dinosaur murals on the castles of the Bastards.
We drink blackberry wine from flamingo skulls
and lie to God.

The sea has gone still
and the birds are all watching.
We are the utopia preppers,
and we are ready for the golden age.
Tell those giant crystal elephants in the womb of time
with their mirror minds and mushroom voices
that we are hungry for our feast.

Caitlin Johnstone

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Grandmaster & Melle Mel – “White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Long Version)” (1983)

November 5, 2017 at 6:15 pm (Music)

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Caitlin Johnstone – “Skullface Comedians”

November 4, 2017 at 9:37 am (Caitlin Johnstone, Poetry & Literature)

“Here is a government official who’s helped kill thousands of children.
Let’s make jokes about his hairstyle.”

“We live in a country that spends medicine money on cluster bombs.
Let’s giggle about penises and vaginas.”

“Your government is lying to you and the media is helping them.
I live in a mansion but I’m just like you.”

They only come out at night.

Light dances in dark rooms
across half-dead faces full of all-dead dreams
staring at advertisements between advertisements
and listening to the shrill laughter of the live studio audience
and clutching their furniture so they don’t spin off the earth.

An actor sits on the chair beside the desk
and talks about a movie where actors pretend to do things
then cuts to a clip about a movie where actors pretend to do things
then cuts to a commercial about a movie where actors pretend to do things.
The host makes a joke about boobs.

The moon is not laughing.
The sky is raining the skeletons of birds.
But our hearts are real
and our flesh is made of dinosaurs and stars.
The dew collects on our eyelashes
as the horizon turns pink
and we feel our own lives
for the very first time.

Sit down, you skullfaced clown.
Tell the band to make real music,
go plant your microphone in the soil
of a garden of blossoming antiques,
set out to sea upon your desk,
and let life get a word in edgewise.

Caitlin Johnstone

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The Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1” (Video – 2003)

November 2, 2017 at 12:37 pm (Music, The Flaming Lips)

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Caitlin Johnstone – “Buy Stuff”

November 2, 2017 at 9:16 am (Caitlin Johnstone, Poetry & Literature)


drink beer

drink this kind of beer

because you are thirsty

and because it hurts to be a primate

with an overdeveloped cerebral cortex

on a dying world in a sea of blackness

and because these people are playing volleyball in swimsuits

and drinking beer


Buy stuff because your parents never loved you

not really

and because it will make the TV happy

and because everyone understands how to be a person

except you


The bone monsters are clicking together

to the shrill canned laughter of ’80s sitcoms

and the whales are so full of plastic

that their eyes bulge out like bullfrogs

and the booming fog horns of the garbage barges

say “you are alone”


Shut up hippie and go get me a latte

give me your white bison dreamguide

so we can curb stomp it and take its hide

go get a degree and get me a latte

and change into a suit

you’ve got blood on your clothes

and your wings are almost featherless


You are ugly you are ugly

you are ugly you are ugly

as sure as my bones are screaming

and my hands are horrible

and the rainforests are a parking lot

and the pop songs are all the same

and the pop stars are all the same

and the world is coated in crude oil

and the angels are dead

you are ugly


so that they’ll love you


to kill the pain


to drown your mother’s voice


to wage war on the inevitable


to hide from your mortality


to make the Bastards richer


to finally be good enough


because it’s all they’ve left you


you are alone



Caitlin Johnstone

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Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five – “The Message” (Video – 1982)

November 1, 2017 at 5:10 pm (Music)

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Caitlin Johnstone – “Speak”

October 31, 2017 at 9:23 am (Caitlin Johnstone, Poetry & Literature)

Once you go backward it’s hard to regain what you have lost

Your voice can shake the sand dunes
and make farm flowers grow on the beach.

Your voice can knock down the tall castles
of the Bastards chortling against the smoggy night sky.

They don’t make you afraid of using it because it is stupid,
they make you afraid of using it because it is powerful.

So use it.


Let your voice awaken the embryos in their cells.


Wipe the grin off the faces of those recursive laughing Buddhas
and make the very fabric of the universe look up from its TV dinner
and take note.

Speak when your enemies tell you not to speak.

Speak when your friends and allies tell you not to speak.

Speak when your better judgment tells you not to.

Speak when every fiber of your being tells you not to.

Speak to shatter the conspiracy of silence.

Speak to end our ancient heritage of not speaking.

Speak so that others may lose their voicelessness.

Speak because only the Bastards are speaking.

Speak for the angels who are choking on chemicals.

Speak for the children sprayed red with blood.

Speak for the sea turtles drowning in plastic.

Speak for the dreamguides bulldozed and paved over.

Speak for the tree stumps bleeding crude oil.

Speak for the women trapped in small cages.

Speak for the mothers whose eyes are sedated.

Speak for the sky whose dragons have vanished.

Speak for the cities full of medicated childhoods.

Speak for the dreamers about to give up.



We are sitting here waiting
to find out if this play will go on.

Caitlin Johnstone

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Beck – “Wow” (Video – 2016)

October 30, 2017 at 12:33 pm (Music)

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Caitlin Johnstone – “Naughty Little Boys”

October 28, 2017 at 9:20 am (Caitlin Johnstone, Poetry & Literature)

That little boy’s mum is going to be so upset.

He hasn’t combed his hair,

and his clothes are filthy.

And what’s he gone and done with his legs?

Where are your legs, little boy?

Better go and find them before your mum sees you.

Those legs are very important to her.


They sent the little boys up into the sky

and over the ocean to go play soldiers.

They gave them toy guns

full of toy bullets,

and they screamed toy screams,

and bled toy blood,

and cried toy tears,

and had toy nightmares,

and called out for their mums

in the desert.


The man on the TV keeps calling them heroes.

Don’t call them that, TV man,

you’ll only encourage them.

These are little boys,

and they’re being very naughty.

They are worrying their mums sick

and it’s time for them to go home.


Find your legs, little boy,

and go be with your mum.

Find your hands and your face too;

she’ll miss those as well.

Find your mind and bring it back

from that dark, scary place.

You’re not there anymore.

You are home.

Stop screaming toy screams

and crying toy tears

and go tell your mum that you’ve had

a bad dream.

Caitlin Johnstone

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