The World’s Most Heinous Crime

August 3, 2018 at 10:10 pm (Music, Reviews & Articles)


Some people may feel that corrupt, warmongering politicians and greedy, soulless billionaires are some of the worst humans on the planet. Some may feel that mass murderers are also among the worst that humanity has to offer. And, oh sure, they definitely deserve to be despised with every fiber of our being. But it is my opinion that the people who deserve the most hatred, ridicule and scorn in this world are the ones that make wretched, sappy, brain dead, vomit-inducing music. It is probably the world’s most heinous, unforgivable crime. Like Chris de Burgh, who is responsible for “The Lady in Red,” which was chosen as one of the worst songs ever unleashed upon humanity. I mean, what a sappy piece of mewling drivel. I’m shocked that someone didn’t push that guy off the nearest cliff the second he released that horrid, ball-less platter of swill out into an unsuspecting, undeserving world. Or Dan Hartman, who tortured our ears with the equally-sappy and wretched “Sometimes When We Touch.” Read the rest of this entry »

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