Amir Amini – “12 Russian Hackers”

July 14, 2018 at 10:42 am (Life & Politics, Reviews & Articles)

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Awesome! America has finally charged the 12 Russian hackers responsible for the most catastrophic, most humiliating presidential campaign in the history of mankind. I hope they all get life sentences for forcing Hillary and the DNC to rig their own primaries and for physically stopping Hillary from campaigning in MI, WI and PA.

The way these 12 Russian hackers made Hillary cheat and insult millions of her own voters before forcing her to chase after “moderate Republicans” – the evil strategy behind forcing Hillary to appear as the most out of touch, corporate-funded establishment hack and Wall street warmonger with absolutely no desire to change anything, in an election against a populist, is unforgivable!

I can still remember the days before these 12 Russian hackers ruined this great nation by hacking into Hillary’s brain to make her lose against a deranged clown. What a civilized country America was. What a peaceful nation without racism, sexism, corruption and 24/7 corporate oligarchy propaganda. Damn you, Putin!

And then, right after the most catastrophic election was over, these same 12 Russians forced The Democratic Party to do exactly nothing to change its corrupt ways. Worse, they made them even reelect Nancy Pelosi and elect Chuck Schumer as their new leaders – after losing the White House to Donald Trump. Can you even begin to imagine how evil these Russians must be? Had we not already suffered enough?

And don’t even get me started on how these 12 Russians ruined America’s 2-party democracy by installing Superdelegates, creating Citizens United and SuperPacs and forcing gerrymandering on us. But these bloody communists are going to pay for their crimes now!”

Amir Amini

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