Caitlin Johnstone – “Dumbstruck”

March 19, 2018 at 4:55 pm (Caitlin Johnstone, Poetry & Literature)

In the morning
a man made of black crickets stands waiting at your doorstep
while round color patterns spin through your vision.
Ancient alligators emerge from the neighboring houses
to stretch and grab the newspaper
and sing to distant star systems about evolution.

Let the world astonish you today, holy hominid.
The opposite of life is not death.
The opposite of life is habit.

Let the cricket alchemists carry you
through each color noise feast you meet today.
Trust in their sorcery
and watch morning dew coalesce upon each new moment
and let the patterns spiral away
as you meet us all dumbstruck
for the very first time.

Caitlin Johnstone

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