“Hillary Clinton Will Go Down”

July 2, 2016 at 9:07 am (Life & Politics, Reviews & Articles)

Written July 2, 2016…

I seriously think Hillary Clinton is going down.

Once she meets with the FBI today, they will recommend indictments. If they don’t, they will have to explain why they are not recommending them, which will still cause serious problems for her… and for their own credibility. You don’t have a year-long FBI investigation, if it’s all for nothing.

She is under 2 investigations. One for the private email server and one for the Clinton Foundation… but, of course, they are tied together. From what we know, the FBI already has tons of shit on her that could seriously send her off to jail. She broke many very serious laws (including the Espionage Act). Anybody who doesn’t think so, is simply not paying attention, or just (wrongly) dismisses this as just another Republican attack on her. This has nothing to do with the Republicans though. This is the FBI. And you also had the top CIA intelligence in this country writing to Pres. Obama and saying that she broke espionage laws and put the entire country at risk, and also displayed “gross negligence”… and should be in jail for those crimes. They said if it was anybody else, they would have already been put in jail.

Then on top of all that, supposedly Russia got a hold of her emails (because of them going out with no encryption through an unprotected email server, and getting hacked by “Guccifer”). If they threaten to release these emails, it will clearly show that she did, in fact, put the entire country at risk because of her desire to use a private email server (that nobody gave her permission to use, despite her claims to the contrary). If they release them, there is no way our government could protect her, nor should they. They could also used these emails to blackmail us. It certainly gives them leverage and puts us in a weakened position.

Several FBI agents have threatened (for months) to walk off the job and go public with this information if she is not indicted. That would also cause a Watergate-style mess. And you will have leaks everywhere that our government would be unable to stop.

Hillary will have to plead the Fifth on everything she is asked, because any actual yes or no answer could result in her getting caught in a lie. Lying to the FBI, alone, would cause her to end up in handcuffs. At least anybody else in this country would end up in jail if they lied.

The biggest recent news is that Attorney General Loretta Lynch has stated that she will go along with whatever the FBI recommends, which means she will not try to protect Clinton. There will be too many FBI leaks that nobody will be able to protect her if the shit hits the fan. This has gotten out of their control. Thank God.

So I seriously can’t see how she can possibly survive this. Even if she wasn’t indicted, but people all around her were, that would cause her major problems, to the point where she might not have any choice but to drop out of the race. There will be too much fallout and collateral damage for her to survive. Just like Richard Nixon (who was already President) couldn’t survive the fallout of Watergate.

Being that she is under 2 FBI investigations, she should not have ever been in this race in the first place. Imagine if Bernie Sanders was under those investigations… or anyone else for that matter. Do you think they would have been allowed to run, or would they have been raked over the coals for being selfish enough to put their own political ambitions above the good of the country? Do you think Obama could have ever won the presidency if he had been under these types of investigations? Of course not. They would have crucified him. And rightly so, if that was the case.

Imagine trying to get a job anywhere in this country if you are under FBI investigation. What do you think your chances would be? Zero. Zilch. Not a chance in a hell. So why should this woman even be under consideration for the most powerful job in the world?? A woman who used her own private email server (exclusively) and put our country at risk by sending out top secret government emails unprotected. That’s the person you want to protect you???

The Clintons might have a lot of power in this country, but even they are not more powerful than the FBI. Every despot finally meets their match. I think she has finally met hers. She’s going down.

Jay Mucci

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