“Democrats vs. Republicans”

March 1, 2016 at 3:07 pm (Life & Politics, Reviews & Articles)

Written March 1, 2016…

Okay, is there any Democratic voters who really, honestly still think that the Democrats are the “good guys” who are going to protect us all from the big bad Republicans??

This election has really opened my eyes more than ever to how corrupt BOTH parties are, and how neither one is looking out for our best interests.

Do you really think Republicans give a shit about repealing Obamacare? My guess is that they don’t give a damn. They just make a spectacle of it in public to make their supporters think they are “fighting the good fight.”

Do you really think Democrats care about poor people, minorities or the middle class? They pass bills that clearly screw ALL OF US over, and they go out in public and make it look like they are actually “fighting the good fight” on our behalf. It’s a total illusion. They are in bed with Wall Street and Big Pharma and anyone else that will make them rich. Any Democrat who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars is NOT looking out for me or you. So get that naive idea out of your head. It’s funny when people think Bernie is living in utopia. I think any person who still thinks the Democratic Party is for the poor and middle class is living in utopia.

There is NO difference left between the Democrats and the Republicans. At least not enough of a difference to be worth a damn. I guarantee you that they are all making shady deals in back rooms together, and saying, “Okay, we will vote your way, but we have to go on TV and pretend that we are against it, so our supporters will think we are standing up against you… but in reality this bill will help line all of our pockets.” Then the other side makes the same kind of compromise.

Only a few are willing to stick their neck out and do what is right. They are usually silenced within their own party, and marginalized, because their convictions will cost everyone a shitload of money. Stop thinking that your party is on your side. They are not! They don’t give a shit about you. They will sell you out for a buck. Politics is totally corrupt. And it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

That is why I will only vote for people that I think are doing the right thing. I don’t give a damn about the Democratic Party, any more than I do the Republican Party. They can both disappear off the earth, for all I care. They are both corrupt, incompetent, slimy, greedy and totally unscrupulous. And they are both in cahoots. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Jay Mucci


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