Lauri Adverb – “There Is No Blue without Yellow and Orange”

September 30, 2012 at 12:33 pm (Lauri Adverb, Poetry & Literature)

(said Van Gogh)


I usedta love music

and you usedta stare into my eyes, the soundtrack

to my voice.

You never joined me

at the piano concerto

where I saved you a seat, second row center.

We never traveled to MOMA

to together grasp Vincent’s intense

loud brushstrokes.

I hate music.

The house fills each evening

with your clamorous chest voice,

crashing piano.

I am Vincent, missing an ear;

I cut it off to spite your sound.

You refuse a hearing aid for the one you have left

to forsake metaphor for truth

in “turning a deaf ear”

to my brazen belting.

Thru it, we discern Beethoven’s sheet music,

run trembling hands over our transcendent dissonance,

savor the harmony of our cacophony.

Lauri Adverb

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