“Sudden Endings”

September 13, 2012 at 1:22 am (Poetry & Literature)

Written Sept. 8, 2012

for A.L.C.

She went running madly into his arms
said she was sorry but had to
leave me behind,
sitting here all alone,
feeling blindsided and betrayed
she told me she loved me
and wanted me forever
but isn’t that what they all say?

Now tears are never far away
whenever I think of her
each and every memory
seems to whisper her name —
Amanda Lynn,
wishing she could still be mine
“I would wait forever for those lips of wine”

Eyes that sparkled like brand new diamonds
and stars that filled the summer sky
kissing in the back seat of a car
a moment that seemed to last forever —
if only that were true

Where have you gone
my beautiful teenage princess?

Though a lifetime separated us
I thought she might be the one
an angel to rescue me from the brink
now I’m back living amongst the shadows
consumed by anger and despair
with too much time to think

Walking across an empty parking lot
holding hands and laughing
making love on an office floor
we thought we were being so wild
now everything is just a memory
that I can never erase

I swore to myself I wouldn’t
fall in love this time
I had been down that road too many times before
but her smile was all that it took
to steal my heart away
now the heartache is here to stay

I was not ready for a goodbye kiss
I thought these months would turn into years
I guess I’m always naive that way
but she has made her choice
now all my joy has been converted into bitter tears
and our song will no longer play

Whenever he’s touching her
I wish it could be me instead
I’d give anything to hold her in my arms once more
suddenly, though, I’m now just a distant friend
but in my fantasies she’ll forever be mine till the end

A bouquet of red roses
and a stuffed dog that sits on the bed
not much left to remember us by
just a sad and painful ending
to a strangely brief affair

And the next sound you hear
is another heart breaking
if only it could belong to someone else this time.


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