Lauri Adverb – “poikilos nomos”

May 9, 2011 at 6:45 am (Lauri Adverb, Poetry & Literature)

(basesd on the Greek, roughly translated, ‘a shifting code’)

You are an asshole;
I am a bitch.

I write trite poetry
and yr songwriting is insipid.

I am yr Peppermint Patty
who just won’t take a hint
and leave you the fuck

You are my Chinaski,
drunk, dead-ended
listening to classical music
alone in a small stale room.

We are a thunderstorm

lightning crashing
dangerously close to each other.

God bowls strikes
His gallows humor
punches us in the gut.

You are my asshole, baby,
I am yr bitch.

We make a fine pair:

you walking like an old man,
bow-legged and belly first,
me, every bit
the fucking whore.

We are who our parents warned us about.

Together, painting the town puke,
serenading each other every thousandth or so night,
laughing at insult to injury,
dissolving tears into fucking.

I keep you in my barbed-wire arms,
sheltered from the other world

You rescue me w/barbarous force
from the shitstorm outside.

Truth or Dare is always safest
in the center of the storm.

Lauri Adverb

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