Jimi Hendrix – “Black Gold”

January 19, 2011 at 7:11 am (Jimi Hendrix, Poetry & Literature)


Black is gold is pure
And true kings of this earth.


So I say it’s up to us to straighten
Out this mess…
We got to go through hell…
And then that’s the last of this
Miserable test…


Black must be bold
Because it’s gold and true
Kings of this world…
So let them go to the moon.
Yes let them go to mars.
Because deep down inside
They’re really from the stars. 


That’s why they don’t want
Us to mix…just the way
The word of God had said.
So let them go to saturn…that’s
Where they’ll learn instead.
Because black and white
Together is right…
And white by itself is
An egotistic elf.


So they show you how to
Kill…and if you don’t
They will.
What do they know about
How can they about life…
They just got lost in space.
So when they landed,
Atlantis cried.

So if they’re so alone try
To make them feel at home.
So let them fetch you fire wood.
And let them nibble on the bone.
So invent a word called love.
And then they blame our mistakes on god.
Don’t you know how lonely they must be.
So many light years from home.
Hey soulful people I’m calling.
Don’t be no more slaves.
Because God will protect us
When it comes to doomsday.
Realize before it’s too late…
That no one on earth will escape.
We are the kings of earth.
And axis gonna put them slaves…
They killed so many worlds before.
But they will pass sentence upon themselves…
When the earth opens up…will
They be saved from our hell.

I feel the truth of life.
We better all realize…
People like me and you
We feel so bad, don’t know
What to do… they keep us
High low on drugs.
And they got us making their rugs…
As we go dripping blood.
But the sun knows as
The wind blows and the
Fire grows towards the
Far shores and the water
Foams to make steamed
Bones of all of those who don’t belive that…
Black is gold is the kings of this world.
We all better get our places
Before God tells us to our
Face we are…past the human race.
Let’s pray that we all agree
We got to straighten out the family tree.
Life is for you and me togather.
That’s the way it was meant to be.
White man watch your mouth
Because our drums, they face the south.
And you can’t kill the god
That kept you alive between
The poles of the north and south.
You better adjust your place
In this world…before your
Hair, it starts to curl…and the
Yellow, red, and black of this
World will tear your ass and soul apart.

Where is he coming from ?
From heaven where 1,000,000
Worlds are one.
Where is he going to ?
He’s going to make contact
With the living and the dead…
Here comes black gold…
Gather round young and old…
He’s going to be felt by the
Timid and the bold…
Within a wink of an eye,

With the wink of an eye
Egos swell, bust and die…
Kingdoms fall and cry…
With the wink of an eye…
With the wink of an eye
A new born baby cries…
And a 100 soldiers die with
The wink of an eye.

Jimi Hendrix

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