Lauri Adverb – “math”

December 25, 2010 at 7:43 pm (Lauri Adverb, Poetry & Literature)

Three ninety-six
said I deserved each week
for being

Three ninety-six
I could:
pay rent, buy groceries
a Diet Dr. Pepper each morning
six-pack of Pabst every afternoon
Chilean wine at night.
Monthly membership to the cigar club where I’d pick up weekly
fresh Hondurans.
Sushi twice during the week,
leather sandals, black lacy bras, skimpy
summer blouses,

Two oh-six
Social Services
says I deserve each month
for being
“long-term disabled”

Two oh-six
I can:
not pay rent, buy groceries
but a box of Constant Comment Green
a week, the cheapest
cigar Discount Smoker’s World
has in its humidor,
that wine that comes in four-pack
glasses stretched
a glass a day.
Cancel my membership
to the cigar club and
not drive

Two oh-six
or I could:

Pick up a case of south american wine, box of fresh
drink and smoke at the cigar club

Go to Victoria’s Secret, pick
out black fishnet thigh-highs w/seams that run
up the back
of my legs, red bra
and undies

Grocery shop like mad and eat like a queen

Perfume…oh, a new perfume

I’ve always wanted to check out a strip club get
a lap dance

Drive straight to Florida.  Be
broke upon arrival
broke upon arrival.

Lauri Adverb

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  1. The Emotional Orphan said,

    Such truth …thanks for the great write.

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