Erik Himmelsbach – “50,000,000 Weezer Fans Can’t Be Wrong” (2001)

August 25, 2010 at 9:07 am (Music, Reviews & Articles, Weezer)

Taken from the May 2001 issue of Request magazine. Weezer’s new album Hurley drops next month…

Before it finds a cozy place in the annals of rock mythology alongside Ozzy’s bat-biting, Rod Stewart’s stomach pumping, and Mama Cass’ deadly ham sandwich, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Rivers Cuomo is not insane. He doesn’t smell, his hair is neatly groomed, the time since his shave can be measured in hours, and he did not turn into Jell-O in a recording studio last year.

A published report that spread like a sinister computer virus throughout Weezer chat rooms last year had Read the rest of this entry »

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