William S. Burroughs – “Last Words: 7/30/97” (1997)

July 30, 2010 at 12:59 pm (Poetry & Literature, The Beats, William S. Burroughs)

The last words Burroughs ever wrote — from his private journal, 3 days before he passed away…

“There is no final enough of wisdom, experience- any fucking thing. No Holy Grail, No Final Satori, no solution. Just conflict.

Only thing that can resolve conflict is love, like I felt for Fletch and Ruski, Spooner, and Calico. Pure love. What I feel for my cats past and present.

Love? What is it?
Most natural painkiller what there is.

William S. Burroughs


  1. Tobe Damit said,

    Reblogged this on Loud Alien Noize and commented:
    In the end it really is all that matters… We miss you Bill!! RIP now!

    • Beat Company said,

      Can’t find your reblog: “Oops! That page can’t be found…”

      • Tobe Damit said,


      • Tobe Damit said,

        I reblogged it on my fFB page Loud Alien Noize cuz it didn’t look good on the Loud Alien Noize website. I will reblog it later on but with a better aesthetic. I was pleased to see that someone noticed these last words that I have read in his book myself earlier. Such a surprising thing coming from Burroughs. It’s little things like that that reminds of that we are all human after all and that we all need love, in fact that might be all we need like The Beatles said!

      • Beat Company said,

        With all due respect: Loud Alien Noize does need a craetive-layout-revision anyway, If I may say so …

      • Tobe Damit said,

        I didn’t mean to criticize your post nor your layout. I just meant the way it appeared as a re blog really didn’t look well. It’s just because of the way the system did it, not because your post doesn’t look well. It also happens that I had a post about to come out that was very important to me because I hadn’t been able to concentrate because I was going through a rough patch and it was important to me that it appears before anything else. I didn’t mean to offend you and I’m sorry if it got you all worked up over such a small thing that you had to be sarcastic and mean because I truly do not believe you were trying to be nice nor helpful. I hope your blog gets the attention you seem to so desperately need.

      • Beat Company said,

        Yüu were “pleased” and “surprised” ? Not on my watch: I am watching you – and WSB of course.

      • Beat Company said,

        Tobe – what the hell is going on here ? All I meant was the difficult navigation area on the left side. The words (post-titles etc.) are hardly readable.

  2. Beat Company said,

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