“A List of Maybes”

April 29, 2010 at 3:21 pm (Poetry & Literature)

Maybe I should get a haircut
It’s getting long in the back
And maybe I should find a job
Unemployment sure doesn’t pay much anymore
And maybe I should stop calling her
It only brings me down
And maybe I should join the army
And go fight in a foreign land
Do you think they’d take me at 40?

And maybe I should grow back my goatee
No, too much gray these days
And maybe I should become a father
Am I getting too old?
And maybe I should go to India Oven
For a plate of chicken vindaloo
And maybe I should be more spontaneous
And throw more caution to the wind
Am I becoming too boring?

And maybe I should stop complaining all the time
I’m tired of listening to myself
And maybe tonight the cat will finally let me sleep
3AM is not the time for cat’s play
And maybe the sun will appear tomorrow
Today is far too cold and rainy
And maybe someday I’ll finally find what I’m looking for
Whatever the hell that may be
Am I waiting for something that doesn’t exist?

And maybe I should get myself a beer
No, I had too much of that this weekend
And maybe I should join a gym
I’m trying to get bigger
And maybe I should go find myself a whore
It’s been four months since I last had sex
And maybe I need to get over her
It’s been far too long already
Did I simply waste my time?

And maybe this day will turn out to be good
I pray for some encouraging news
And maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out of college
I didn’t exactly set the world on fire
And maybe it’s not too late for me to change
Hey, stranger things have happened
And maybe I shouldn’t have rented Con Air
That’s ninety minutes that I’ll never get back
How do I make such bad choices?

And maybe I should be more outgoing
Learn to be less shy
And maybe happiness is just around the corner
I just have to have some faith
And maybe it’s time I stop beating myself up
For things that I can never take back
And maybe the war will end someday
Though I’m not too hopeful
By the way, did we ever find those WMDs?
And just where is bin Laden?

And maybe someday I’ll get back out to see her
But is there really much reason to anymore?
And maybe I’ll find that twenty bucks I lost
That’s too good to be true though
And maybe I’ll recover all my files and pictures
That got deleted from my computer
And maybe I’ll learn to be more patient
I get annoyed far too easily
Am I just becoming an angry old man?

And maybe I should sell off some CD’s
I’ve got far too many of them
And maybe the Yankees will win another World Series
Nobody has repeated since they did in 2000
And maybe this country will someday get back on track
Though it’s looking very doubtful
And maybe she’ll change her mind about me
I’m not really what she thinks I am
Or should I just give up on that hope?

And maybe I should stop dwelling on the past
It’s not doing me any good in the present
And maybe I should pour another hot cup of coffee
This room is like a meat locker
And maybe I should take a trip down south
My future might be awaiting me there
And maybe she really meant what she said on the phone
Though I know she’ll change her mind
Does she seriously think it’s over?

And maybe I shouldn’t get rid of these twenty year old jeans
Stone wash might someday come back in style
And maybe there really is a heaven above
Though I have trouble believing it most days
And maybe Sarah Palin will be President in a few years
If so, then I’m moving to Canada on the next bus
And maybe I should go for a long car ride
No, the price of gas is too expensive these days
Why does it always go up when the weather gets warm?

And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll last a few more decades
But the way the world is perhaps that’s not lucky
And maybe someday politicians will be honest
Yeah, I couldn’t even say that with a straight face
And maybe God really does exist
But if he is, why isn’t he listening?
And maybe someday she’ll pay me back the money she owes me
Perhaps when hell freezes over
Why do I always think with the wrong head?

And maybe things aren’t really as bad as they seem
I keep trying to think of the positive
And maybe I’ll hear back from her today
It’s been almost four days
And maybe I’ll go to the bar this afternoon
If this weather clears up a little
And maybe we’ll all be received in Graceland
Paul Simon had reason to believe
Does he know something we don’t?

And maybe someday I will get back out on my own
It seems like I’ve been in this rut forever
And maybe I should be more worried about global warming
But all I know is I’m freezing and could use the heat
And maybe one day all my dreams will come true
Well, at least as soon as I have a dream
And maybe I should be doing something else
Besides sitting here writing this poem
Isn’t there something more important I could be doing?

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