January 23, 2009 at 1:03 am (Poetry & Literature)


the two of us sitting in joe’s bar & grill

drinking a glass of wine

you look so good

i want to take you right here

in front of everyone

never in my life

have i felt such a burning passion


i’m waiting impatiently for you to finish your drink

so i can get you home

and devour you whole

on the floor,

on the couch,

trying desperately to remove your black dress

at lightning speed

black nails, dyed red hair

with toenails to match

an erotic vision like I’ve never seen


hoping not to come too quickly

hoping to make this moment last

you’re screaming out my name

beside an open window

i wonder if the neighbors are listening

i want so badly to go down on you

but you keep stubbornly resisting

which only makes me want you more


in this very instant

i’d agree to give you the entire world

thankfully you’re too preoccupied to ask

and besides, it’s not mine to give


our bodies sweating from the hot august night

being deep inside you is like a paradise

i’ve never known

if i could, i’d fuck you for a million years

i’d never let you go


all those nights we’ve spent in anger

have dissolved into thin air

all that matters, is this very moment

i pray it lasts forever,

if only it could.    


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