Jill Jones – “All Day, All Night” (1987)

December 1, 2008 at 12:42 am (Music, Prince)

Jill Jones (seen briefly in Purple Rain) came out with her self-titled album on Paisley Park Records in 1987. Prince wrote & produced this track.
Jones might have been one of the more underrated of Prince’s proteges but she had more singing talent than some of them. I think that is why her album goes for big money on ebay these days.


  1. thebigblacknewsblog said,

    This song is hot! Too bad it didn’t get more airplay. This could have been a monster hit! What happened?

  2. Benovite said,

    Monster hit? That was a confusing mess then and an even more confusing mess now. She tried but the only person that can do Prince is Prince- and even he can’t do Prince any more. 😦

    may the duvs cri 3 or 4 timz 4 u be4 u wake da fuk /\ + smell da coffay~

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