Guns N’ Roses – “Chinese Democracy” (2008)

October 27, 2008 at 8:25 am (Music)

I will admit, I never liked Axl Rose and what few Guns N’ Roses songs I liked were basically in spite of him. I hope to God though, that I never have to hear “Paradise City” or “Sweet Child o’ Mine” again in this lifetime. But I have to say, their Use Your Illusion albums had some good stuff on them.
Now, even though this is basically The Axl Rose Band in everything but name, and even though I can’t say I’ve been waiting all these hundred years for this album to come out like alot of people have, I guess I was a bit intrigued to see if it would ever finally be released. Plus, former Replacement Tommy Stinson has been a member of the band for a number of years now, so that was also an interesting factor.
Anyhow, I have to admit – this title track to the much-hyped Chinese Democracy album is actually not a bad song. It’s certainly much better than the song they put out about 8 years ago (“Oh My God”). It beats alot of the what passes for hard rock music these days.
I came to bury Axl but after hearing this song twice so far, I guess I’ll have to save my burial for another day. So, what is everyone else’s opinion on this song? Opinions welcomed… 

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