October 17, 2008 at 8:02 pm (Poetry & Literature)


I hand you my number when no one is looking

Everyone else is too drunk to notice

It seems like it’s just you & I here,

All alone

Your boyfriend is passed out in the other room

I’m hoping he doesn’t wake up

I just want a few more minutes with you

And I’m trying hard not to make a pass

Simply trying to show some class


I wonder if you’ll call me

Or simply throw my number away

I just hope I’ve made enough of an impression

In this short amount of time

I just hope you’ll see

That perhaps we were meant to be


Midnight arrives & the party subsides

I see the sadness in your eyes

From being unhappy in love

Still you try to smile

Now we say our goodbyes…


But I’m hoping this is not the end

I’d like for you to be more than

Just another friend.

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