Bloodrock – “D.O.A.” (1970)

September 6, 2008 at 2:54 pm (Music)

This overdone, doomy dirge of a song somehow was a hit in 1970 (in an edited form). It was about the victim of a gory plane crash – not exactly the stuff that hit singles are made of. Anyhow, this is their most well-known track. Slightly forgotten now though.
Produced by Grand Funk Railroad producer Terry Knight, which explains alot.



  1. Sharon said,

    I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SONG FOR YEARS!! DAmn brings back memories from my black days…

    • mike said,


      Fooling around on having flashbacks. Have no idea why I temeber this song. Also found Timothy by the Buoys. Geez I must have been a wreck!

      • luke said,

        Yea, Timothy,another awesome song

    • TJ said,

      This song was 1 of 2 first for me.
      The other was somking my joint 1st rolled with a paper sack.


  2. luke said,

    hearing this song again is absoluty incredible.Me and my brother still talk about it today

  3. Merrill Elliott said,

    have no idea why this thing stuck in my head for so many years

  4. Bill Sutherland said,

    What’s sad is that most people only remember this band because of this song, Too many people never took a serious listen to to their first three albums (still available through amazon). Great musicianship and great listening if you’re really into the early days of what was known as “heavy metal” back then, a term that seems laughable now either way you look at it. But anyone who wants to just write this band off as just a blip on the radar of 70’s should give their other albums a serious listen to. If any former Bloodrock members happen to see this, thank you guys for a catalogue of great music and memories. Too bad you didn’t have a better producer. Terry Knight did you a great diservice in selling you guys short.

    • Tom Patchen said,

      I was 9 years old in 1970 and this song fascinated me… today is the first time I’ve listened to it in 43 years!

  5. Laura Poe said,

    I was a tag along, much to my older brothers dismay. I can vividly remember hearing this song with a group of teenagers in a room covered with black light posters and several lava lamps. Scared me to death as a kid.

  6. Marie Burris said,

    OMG….i was 11 and we all played this over and over again….it was scary and mesmorizing…its been 45 years since Ive heard this song..The lyrics were hauntingly eerie….

  7. David Ritchie said,

    I was 8, and this song haunted me ever since. Love it. One question though – do y’all agree that the line is “The face beside me stopped it’s holy bleeding”? I could never figure that out for sure, and google has it as that or “stopped it totally bleeding”, which makes even less sense. Any idea?

    • jmucci said,

      I’m not sure actually.

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