The Fine Young Cannibals – “Don’t Look Back” (Live – 1989)

September 4, 2008 at 11:22 pm (Music)


  1. jen mal said,

    i think they should off let dave and andy sing the backup bit because they sing it on the single

  2. jmucci said,

    Well, that’s show biz…

  3. jen mal said,

    yes your right i think at this show roland gift looks at dave and andy funny why

  4. jmucci said,

    No wonder why they broke up…sounds like they were constantly giving each other funny looks….lol

  5. jen mal said,

    yes i dont like it when he gives them funny looks

  6. jmucci said,

    Hahaha….sounds like you’re taking it personally……HEYYY….stop giving them dirty looks you!!!

  7. jen mal said,

    if you watch the live video andy and dave give roland some funny looks a few times

  8. jen mal said,

    well thanks for everything

  9. jmucci said,

    Sure Jen….anytime…. any other videos you’re looking for?

  10. jen mal said,


  11. jmucci said,

    Ok, well, I’ll probably put more English Beat videos on here… make sure to keep stopping by.

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