The Fine Young Cannibals – “She Drives Me Crazy” (Live – 1989)

September 3, 2008 at 9:14 pm (Music)


  1. jen mal said,

    the backup singers are the mint juleps and check out the dance bit and also i think roland puts his hand infront of dave’s face and andy gives roland a funny look

  2. jen mal said,

    it looks like you can’t hear dave steele’s bass maybe he should have played a guitar

  3. jen mal said,

    look On Youtube for dont look back live

  4. jmucci said,

    The only thing available is the video…nothing live…..and I don’t see anything with Roland singing “That’s How Strong…..”

  5. jen mal said,

    no there is a live one of dont look back just type fine young cannibals dont look back

  6. jmucci said,

    oh yes, you’re right….

  7. jen mal said,

    do you know if they did good thing on totp or not

  8. jmucci said,

    If they did, I don’t see a clip for it…

  9. jen mal said,

    check out the dancing from all 3 of who do you think is the best dancer Roland Dave Or Andy

  10. jmucci said,

    James Brown….lol

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