The English Beat – “Save It for Later” (Video – 1982)

September 2, 2008 at 6:00 pm (Music)

One of THE great singles from the early 80s by one of the great ska-influenced bands from England (where they were known simply as The Beat). I believe this is their best song ever. I never get tired of hearing it. After this album (Special Beat Service), leaders Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger left and formed the band General Public. Andy Cox and David Steele, meanwhile, formed The Fine Young Cannibals with unknown singer Roland Gift and went on to great acclaim and success later in the decade.   

Thanks to Jenmal for realizing I did not have any Beat stuff on here.


  1. jen mal said,

    in this video dave steele wears glassers was he in every performance in the beat or not

  2. jmucci said,

    As far as I know, he was……but I know he is not in the version that last toured…..same with Andy. I guess they got their own thing going on now. Or maybe they weren’t interested…?

  3. jen mal said,

    no maybe

  4. jen mal said,

    no he was not in the too nice to talk to performance on totp

  5. jmucci said,

    Hmmm….I think you are testing me Miss Jen…

  6. jen mal said,

    oh I just wanted to know more that’s all

  7. jmucci said,

    Oh ok…that’s cool…..I am gonna try to find more Beat stuff….
    Who else do you listen to?

  8. jen mal said,

    eh 80s stuff and tony christie

  9. jmucci said,

    anything particular from the 80s? and who is Tony Christie…? Don’t think I ever heard of that person….and I thought I had heard of everyone

  10. jen mal said,

    the hoosiers scouting for girls tings tings

  11. jen mal said,

    tony christie sang walk like a panther

  12. jmucci said,

    I don’t think I have heard of any of those artists….that is weird…

  13. jen mal said,

    do you Like Level 42

  14. jmucci said,

    To tell you the truth, I never really gave that band a listen….I’ve been meaning to. Were they a synth-pop type band??

  15. jen mal said,

    i think so they had hits with something about you lessons in love

  16. jmucci said,

    and Something About You….now I remember that song…..I didn’t know that was them.

  17. jmucci said,

    and about that Tony Christie song…..The Pretenders covered it a few years ago. I’m listening to the original now….I don’t think I ever heard it though

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