Roland Gift – “It’s Only Money” (2001)

September 2, 2008 at 5:30 pm (Music)

Solo single from Fine Young Cannibals frontman Roland Gift… 


  1. jen mal said,

    do you know if he did this live or not

  2. jmucci said,

    If he did, I don’t see any live performances of it.

  3. jen mal said,

    did you know he drinks and smokes what do you think about that

  4. jmucci said,

    You mean like, to excess? Or are you just stating it in the sense that he shouldn’t drink and smoke because it can ruin his voice?

  5. jen mal said,

    yep have you seen the live video of the paramount show

  6. jmucci said,

    I admit I know nothing about their personal lives.

  7. jen mal said,

    you should watch the video of this song

  8. jen mal said,

    do you know what he drinks on stage or not

  9. jmucci said,

    You ask the most interesting questions…

  10. jen mal said,

    i just wanted to know more about fine young cannibals that’s all i dont know a lot sorry only i knew when they spilt up

  11. jmucci said,

    It’s fine….ask as many questions as you like…..I wish I could answer more of them for ya

  12. jen mal said,

    well its been great finding out a lot more thanks for everything

  13. jmucci said,

    Sure…I enjoy talking to ya……so did you grow up in the 80s like me?

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