Steely Dan – “Dallas” (1972)

August 29, 2008 at 3:10 am (Music, Steely Dan)

Steely Dan’s obscure debut single from 1972 (which never made it to any of their albums and is now mostly forgotten) , features original co-lead vocalist David Palmer (who sang “Dirty Work” on their debut album). This song has a very country-ish sound and does not sound like almost anything the Dan ever went on to do.

(Audio only)


  1. bartonfink said,

    beautiful early dan, with a very countdown to ecstasy, slide guitar/country vibe. the harmonies, too, are unmistakable, as is the melody. nice to rediscover an old track like this, such a product of its time, and one that informs my sunny memories of the small ohio town of my youth with songs mono and tinny warbling from our car’s a.m. radio.. ah, summers at the river, sticky hot asphalt, and a rundown ice cream truck I never had money for anyway…

  2. steve said,

    I just picked up a one-sided UK test-pressing 7″ of this. Nice!

  3. Steve Miller said,

    David Palmer is not featured on “Dallas”. The vocalist is drummer Jim Hodder, who also sang lead on “Midnight Cruiser”.

    • jmucci said,

      Thank you for the correction.

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