Focal Matter

August 22, 2008 at 3:12 am (Poetry & Literature)


I was drinkin some vodka

Now I’m gonna cold cock ya

You ain’t fuckin shit to me

I’m gonna blind ya now ya see

We went outside to rumble

He took a head over tumble

Shoulda stuck his head in an oven

Tonight his woman I’ll be lovin

And I don’t mean like McLovin

I’ll make ya cum now ya lustin

And from this vodka I be buzzin

I want hookers by the dozen

I’d even fuck my cousin

Or at least give her a kiss

This beer tastes like stale piss

Don’t you know I’m ubiquitous?

That means I’m everywhere like Visa

I play the bass guitar like Geezer

Don’t be actin like no skeezer

I’ll slice & dice ya like Benihana

Now I’m relaxin in the sauna

And I turn my radio up full blast

But I turn the station off real fast

All these singers, packaged & sold

2 years time, their CD be growin mold


So I open up another bottle

And I’m drivin with the top down

Comin at ya full throttle

Late at night, I’m the beat patroller

Had to leave her cuz I can’t control her

She was too much for my mind

I had to leave it all behind

Though I couldn’t get my mind

Off her luscious behind

A voluptuous derriere

I couldn’t help but sit and stare

I was like Buddha, simply frozen

I was one of the lucky chosen

And she came to me in a dream

She was all covered in peaches and cream

And now I’m back in the saddle

Roundin up bitches like cattle

Puttin them in my warchest

Now I’m outta here like Seacrest.


Fabrizio Benedettini

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