Sly & the Family Stone – “Dance to the Music (Disco Remix)” (1979)

August 19, 2008 at 5:47 pm (Music, Sly Stone)

This was from a disco remix album called Ten Years Too Soon that was put out in 1979 (now long out of print).  The remixes were done by a guy named John Luongo. It got terrible reviews at the time – critics thought it was blasphemous to be tampering with the original recordings which were classics and didn’t need “improving” upon (which in some ways, they were right). The idea behind the title was that Sly’s work was ten years ahead of its time. The ironic thing is that in the years to come, remix albums would become popular items and so actually, this album actually came out “ten years too soon.” If it had come out in the late 80s, it might have been accepted a bit more. Perhaps not…
Anyhow, it is certainly interesting, if nothing else, to hear this classic song from 1968 remixed to sound like a disco song (the remix is actually decent). You be the judge…  


  1. Diana said,

    This is a fantastic rendition. Where can I find this song on a cd or mp3 download.

  2. jmucci said,

    I would suggest looking up the album Ten Years Too Soon on Google and seeing if you can find a site to download it from.

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