Ravi Shankar – “The Dick Cavett Show” (1971)

August 17, 2008 at 2:59 pm (Music)

Taken from Nov. 23, 1971. As you can see George Harrison was the guest and I would assume that it was at his urging, that his friend and mentor Ravi Shankar appeared. Shankar was and still is probably India’s premier musician and definitely the most famous sitar player who ever lived. This video shows what a master musician he is – the sitar is an extremely difficult instrument to play and takes many years of practice and dedication.
I’m not sure what the title of the piece he is playing. 
I include this as a tribute to India’s having won their independence on August 15, 1947 (I’m 2 days late), thanks to the tireless efforts of Mahatma Gandhi.


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