Eek-A-Mouse – “Sensee Party” (1982) – “Looking Sexy” & “Modeling Queen” (1980)

August 9, 2008 at 11:38 pm (Jamaican Music, Reggae)

Ludicrous, bizarre, and uniquely original, few DJs have made such a splash in the dancehall scene than Eek-A-Mouse. He invented the “sing-jay” vocal style, which was basically a combination of singing and DJ’ing. He sang nonsense lyrics in a very nasally voice and should have been just a novelty act. Somehow though, he stuck around for many years and had quite a few hits. 
This is the first 3 songs from his brilliant & ridiculous Skidip! from 1982. Actually, “Looking Sexy” and “Modeling Queen” came out on singles back in 1980. “Looking Sexy” was released originally under the title “Walking Sexy.”  
Anyhow, once you’ve heard Eek-A-Mouse, you may hate him, but you’ll never forget him.   

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